the contemporary geological landscape is affected by deep structural and political instability. How is the figure of the dam to be understood? As a physical construct, an object of political resistance and environmental conflict? Yet a dam also possesses a broad metaphorical dimension as an obstruction device, a barrier akin to the barricade. This is the starting point for research which will be carried out over the course of 2016-17 in the Doctoral-level program Document and contemporary art.

with Aline Benchemhoun, Hugo Bregeau, Louise Deltrieux, Asli Seven, Elisa Strinna // Mabel Tapia, Stephen Wright, Andréas Maria Fohr, Virginie Yassef, Ference Grof, Arnaud Deshayes and Joan Ayrton.

Gilles A. Tiberghien, philosopher, University of Paris 1, Rebecca Baron, filmmaker, School of Film/Video, CalArts, Sophie Wahnich, historian, CNRS, Catherine Malabou, philosopher, University of Kingston (UK), Susan Schuppli, artist (Canada), Nicolas Kramar, geologist (Switzerland), Brian Holmes, author and activist (Chicago), Center for Land Use Interpretation (Los Angeles), Iconoclasistas, cartographers and artists (Buenos Aires), Roberto Jacoby, artist (Buenos Aires), Ana Longoni, art historian (Buenos Aires) and the Centre International d'art et du Paysage, île de Vassivières.

director of the program since September 2016 // direction du troisième cycle Document et art contemporain depuis septembre 2016 // european school of visual art in Angoulême and Poitiers // école nationale supérieure d'art de Bourges.